April 2021: Valeriia Grudtsyna brilliantly defends her Master’s thesis in the Biomedical engineering program. She parries away tough and excellent questions by her opponents and examiners including from YAP, CAF and mechanotransduction guru Prof. Chris Madsen. Great job!!

February 2021: Despite us, Swathi has decided to continue on as a PhD student and is now doing exciting new work on “Integrin activation and organization in focal adhesion” project. Exciting= lot of PCR, WB, mini and maxi-prep. Yup, indeed “despite us”.

Jan 2021: Hanging by our fingertips now. Everyone is shocked that it is 2021! but happy to have made it. It is 2021, right?

October 2020: Still surviving! Valeriia Grudytsyna has now joined the lab as a Master’s student and has completely taken over the TIRF room and our polarization microscopy set-up! She has also been brainwashed into thinking that Julia is better than Python and Matlab. 

September 2020: The lab welcomes new post-doc Aravindh Subramani, who joins us after finishing his PhD at Karolinska Institute in the lab of Lars Holmgren. Aravindh brings his experience with epithelia biology and confocal microscopy to work on something…we just aren’t sure yet!

July 2020: We are surviving. And are buoyed by Swathi Packirisamy joining the lab as a laboratory assistant. 

February 2020: Wesley Sturgess begins his PhD on unraveling the mechanoadhesome using mass-spectroscopy.

December 2019: LCMM wraps up 2019 being co-awarded a VR Natural Sciences Research Environment grant on OncoBioMechanics. Project is headed by Jonas Tegenfeldt in Physics and consists of the Nordenfelt lab, LCMM and laboratory of Chris Madsen at Medcon Village. Lots of positions opening up soon in 2020.

December 2019: Wesley Sturgess successfully defends his Master’s thesis with distinction on compositional changes in focal adhesions under directed force conditions. Congratulations!

November 2019: LCMM receives its first grant in Sweden from the Cancerfonden on studying organisation and regulation of Integrins during cell migration.

August 2019: Linn Engström begins her PhD studying mechanical signal in cancer cell migration! Yup! We will eventually focus on something. 

July 2019: Great to have 2 summer researchers in the lab, Daesung Cho who will be working on building new Image analytics software and physical models of cell migration, and Zbigniew Baster from Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Zenon Rajfur’s lab) who will work on single molecule imaging of Integrin dynamics. Welcome! 

Mar 25th 2019: Now it’s getting cozy. We are very excited to have Wesley Sturgess and Linn Engström joins us as Master’s students. 

Mar 13th 2019: Had a great time visiting Alessandra Cambi at Radboud University. Great discussions  with Alessandra, Peter Friedl and Koen Van Den Dries.

Mar 1st 2019: We are very excited to have our first post-doc Zahra Masoumi join our lab. Welcome Zahra!

January 2019: New year starts with a new lab member, Fritiof Åkerström who will be an undergraduate researcher in our lab .

December 2018: Warm welcome to Maria Allhorn, our lab manager/technician/research associate

Dec 13th 2018: We are hiring. Please find details here

Nov 25th 2018: We are getting ready to hire. Look out for an ad here for post docs and graduate students! In the meanwhile, contact us anyway.

Nov 5th 2018: The Swaminathan Lab opens its doors in the magnificent BMC building at Lund University. We share laboratory space in D14 with the Nordenfelt lab. Thanks for making it less lonely right now and sharing all your resources and wisdom!

Nov 1st 2018: And we are here in Lund, Sweden! Thank you to the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine for their support.

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