We are located at the BMC- Biomedical Center at Lund University. Lund is located in the beautiful Skåne Region of Sweden. We are 35 minutes from the Copenhagen airport and 10 minutes from Malmo. Besides the university, Lund is home to the new European Spallation source and the Max IV laboratory as well a number of pharmaceutical and technology companies and start-ups at the Ideon Science Park. A partial list can be found here.

We are part of the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine and in the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Division of Oncology and Pathology- Kamprad labs.

Contact us:
Lund University
BMC godsmottagning D09
Vinay Swaminathan, D14
Baravägen 18
222 41 Lund

Email: vinay.swaminathan(at)med(dot)lu(dot)se

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