Available positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic and interested scientists at all level. If you are interested in or have experience with any of the following, thats even better.

  1. Basic cell biology: Bonus points for interests in mechanobiology, cytoskeleton, integrins, focal adhesions, cell migration.
  2. Microscopy: Any kind. Bonus points if you have experience with building your own microscopy systems and/or computational image analysis.
  3. Biomaterials sciences and microfluidics: I don’t even know what this covers, but if you have worked with polymers, soft matter, rheology, Synthetic ECMs, putting cells in some sort of channels or built something that cells can survive in, Cha Ching!
  4. Cancer cell biology: Thats point 1 in cancer.

Post-doc position

No open positions currently!

Masters level:

If you are already a Masters student at Lund University and are looking to do your masters thesis or applied work, please contact us directly. We are always eager to have Masters students come do a small project, learn new techniques and share in our discoveries.

If you are looking for PhD position in the lab, we advertise it at the Lund University website: https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/vacancies. If you find no advertised positions from our lab, feel free to still contact us with just your research interests. CV/Resume not required in your email. We just want to know what you are interested in doing in the lab.

Who are we?

Do read about our research, some of our publications and read about this awesome place here, here and here. We are supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Cancerfonden and the VR. You can read about it here. If you really want to get bored, you can read about Vinay here

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